1. chicagno:

    when a casual conversation with your parents turns into a lectureimage

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  2. snorlaxatives:

    i love the word lukewarm bc my name is luke and if i’m ever warm i can just be like “lukewarm” ha ha it’s like caveman talk

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  3. kois0:

    is tesco feeling ok 

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  4. Anonymous said: Advice for incoming freshman?


    be quiet


  5. england:


    hi im here to colonize *points at canada* thats mine

    haha about that,

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  7. burgrs:



    *eats 1,000 oranges* its fruit i won’t gain weight

    An orange is approximately 87 calories. If you were to eat 1,000 oranges that would be 87,000 calories.

    its fruit i wont gain weight 

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  8. heliolisk:

    I thought this was just a pretty screenshot of an insta photo and then i saw it

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  9. okaymad:

    *tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*

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  10. the-plaid-princess:

    When your pet adjusts their position so they can lay their head on you


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